About Me

I lost my mom and grandma and three other people to cancer in the last 20 years.  That may seem like a long span of time but cancer is a battle and in each of these circumstances the war lasted for more than a year.  Battle, lose, mourn, recover.  Repeat.

So I started this blog as a way to revisit my past, lay it down and move forward.  In just these three short days I’ve had the privilege of reading about the hearts of others.  Now I know I’m not so alone after all.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Yes, it’s so true and the battle lasts a year, or longer if lucky 😦 My Dad and brother in law died from the exact same for of cancer 90 days apart. It was my twin sisters husband. So it was a rough time.

    I lost my fiance to a brain aneurysm that loss was another hard hit. I truly love the way you said that, “lay it down and move forward” it’s so true and we do need to do it, and sharing helps. You have a good heart 🙂

    • Wow…you and your family have been through a lot. You never know what people have been through or are going through. The cashier, the person you pass in the airport or the the woman you bump into as you’re headed to the restroom. Life is hard and we often have too many expectations and not enough patience or acceptance. Have a wonderful day! TTYL

  2. Charlotte says:

    You are not alone. My mom is struggling with brain cancer and it has been a tough year. We all know someone who had to deal with cancer. (unfortunately it’s the disease of the century)
    Best thing we can do is stay strong! Battle , loose, mourn, recover… I’m still in the battle faze 😦

    • Hi Charlotte, sorry to hear about your mom’s battle. My mom’s cancer spread to the brain. I get flashbacks of moments in time when I think of certain things. Brain cancer takes me back to the moment when she really just let me cry for the first time and asked me which of her personal effects I wanted. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s uncovered something I need to cry about and let go of.

  3. Charlotte says:

    Thank you for sharing this,I know it must be hard. I can’t write about it yet so I admire your strength.

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